Cool Ideas Marketing | Marketing agency for established and startup businesses.
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About Us

At Cool Ideas Marketing, it is our obligation to provide our clients with the most innovative ideas and concepts to help their company reach its goals and beyond. While doing so, we take pride in providing exceptional service in the most professional manner. We seek to become a marketing partner
with our clients. Your company’s success is our success.


Whether it's web-design, graphic design, videography or photography, images capture our attention and lead us to act.


Music is a powerful tool to set the tone for your brand. A simple sound can be as impactful as words and images.


A successful business starts with a well orchestrated strategy. Thinking outside the box will help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Haitian Diaspora

With over 10 years of experience in the Haitian Diaspora market, Cool Ideas Marketing will be your bridge from Haiti to the US and Canada.

We are a marketing  agency

Your brand is important to us and we take pride in helping you develop it. The Cool Ideas Marketing team will learn about your business and develop original ideas that deliver tangible results. Our passion lies in creating a true partnership with our clients. The talented creative minds behind Cool Ideas Marketing work intimately with their clients to fully understand their goals, challenges, and exceed their expectations.


We help our clients create and maintain an identity that will last the test of time across all media platforms, with creative services from beginning to end.


Meet the Team

Each and everyone of us represents the spirit of the company: cool, dedicated, well-rounded, and mindful of what it takes to help our clients grow.

We compliment each other’s strengths.

Jeff Policard
President, CEO

I’m very passionate at what I do. I go above and beyond for my clients. I believe creativity is a gift and I want to share my cool ideas with you!

Reginald Leger
Vice President

I Love music and technology.
I’ve been in the production field for over 15 years.
Looking forward to “Coolarize You”

Saray Policard
Spanish Consultant

Working with our team has been soooooooooo cool! :)


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Need a DJ, Photographer or any entertainment for an event? Or need planning? 

Web Design

In an ever changing digital world, your website needs to be up to date and efficient. Our websites are not only creative and cool but also easy to navigate with solid content management.

Ad Placement

Let us place your ads for you. Whether it be on the radio, TV, publications or the internet and social media, we will place your ad for maximum exposure & reach.


It has been proven that giving life to your product or service will enhance its value. We will write and produce your commercial to match your brand identity.


Adding sound to your campaign adds a whole new element to your brand. With a team of experienced musicians and producers, let us create your sound.


It is universally known that a picture is worth a thousand words. Our talented and experienced team of photographers will exceed your expectations.

Print Design

Let us design your banners, brochures, print advertisement, product packaging, car wrapping and more! This is where we showcase our creativity.

Branding and Identity

Your brand is your personality. The look and feel of your company will be the stepping stone to your success. Strong brands are always built from the ground up. Our objective is to understand what you want to say and to find the most creative and engaging ways to say it.


From concept to execution, we will be by your side to help your campaign be as successful as it can be! Think outside the box!


Build your online store fast and easy! We will give you the necessary tools to sell your products online and reach your customers in the most efficient of ways.


From Our Blog

Some info that interests us and may be of use to you.

Contact Us!

Give us a call today or send us an email for a no obligation free consultation to see how we can create powerful interactive experiences for you.


2650 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL 33137






Why should you contact us?

If you are serious about your business and wish to reach your target market, you should contact us! We have all the tools to help you grow your business. Furthermore, with our innovative and cool ideas, we can help you stand out from the pack and make a strong impact. The Cool Ideas Marketing team has years of experience in marketing, advertising, audio/visual, web-design, graphic design and more!


Nowadays, when you think about marketing, the digital world and social media should come to mind. That is why we take pride in web-design and internet marketing. We can help you reach that world whether it’s by search engine optimization, pay-per-click, e-mail marketing, or social media marketing. Today anyone with a computer or smart phone is currently using the internet to search for products or services of interest. If you’re not present online and delivering an amazing image, you’re losing business. A successful website should attract your customers and keep their interest within 4 seconds. By leveraging the benefits of social media marketing you can maximize your online visibility. We can create your social media footprint on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to reach your brand across a wide range of audiences. Our team knows exactly how to strategically grow your website’s internet marketplace visibility with efficient, cost effective and tractable solutions that will help to maximize your online marketing efforts.


We are not your typical marketing agency. We take pride in thinking outside the box. We offer our clients solutions that work! We bring the cool!

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