5 Tips to tell your story!

1- Backstory

What’s a story without a back story? When your audience knows where you are coming from, it is a lot easier to connect. We do not mean where you were born or anything. Unless you were born in Antartica or something. By backstory, we mean the events that led to where you are now and that will lead you to the next chapter!

2- Polarity

Do not be afraid to take a stance on something. We cannot please everyone anyway so you might as well pick a side. There is nothing worst than being neutral. Neutral is not that exciting. Imagine your car in neutral gear…What happens? Crickets.

3- Identity

This mostly refers to your personality type. Are you an adventurer? A leader? A hero? Be true to yourself. Let your audience know the real you! Brands that show their real identity tend to connect a lot more with their audience.

4- Loss & Redemption

Think of all the movies you’ve seen where the protagonist lost something or someone valuable and fought to get it back. As a society we love happy endings. We want to know your character’s arc.

5- Secret Telling

So….spill the beans! Is there anything about you that very few people know about? Victoria told us all her secrets. Now it’s your turn to tell us yours! In today’s world where customers have so many options and access to so much information, it is imperative for your business to develop its brand story in order to relate on a deeper, more personal way. A brand story is much more than just content and a narrative. It’s basically the identity and feel of the company through a narrative. Today we want to share 5 important tips to create a good brand story to share with your audience.