Digital Content

Content can range from blogs to photography, videography and music. Just think about yourself using social media. Aren’t you more attracted to good content rather than poor images or videos or texts filled with typos and bad grammar? There is a reason why good content attracts more people. People need to be entertained! And nowadays, with our ever-so decreasing attention span, you need to get your point across fast and efficiently. Speaking of attention spans, did you know that we are now officially less attentive than a gold fish? Humans now have an attention span of 8 seconds versus 9 seconds for gold fish. Compared to the 1980’s our attention span was 20 minutes! What happened to us? Mind boggling right?

So how do we do it?


    Rolling….Action! How many times have you shared a video versus written content? Social videos generate more than 10 times more shares than regular content. Think about that for a second. Videos bring ideas to life. They can also bring your business to life.

    Your audience is more likely to make a connection with you with video than they are text and images. We will create a story for your business that will connect with your audience in ways no other method can.


    We all know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words! Photos are super important to the success of a company or brand online. Images capture our imagination and help us understand context without having to read. In this modern era of instant gratification with high mobile device usage, having good photos is more important than ever!

    We like to tell stories through our photos. People connect to stories much more than just simple product and service pictures. Let’s start telling stories!


    So if a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a good blog worth? Thankfully people still read. Sharing good reading content to your audience is not only engaging them on a deeper level but also helps with your SEO! Google loves good blog content that are relevant to their customers’ searches. Blogs help you share your knowledge with you audience without selling them anything. Nobody likes to be sold all the time but most like to learn!


    Music makes the world move! We work with music, sleep with music, eat with music, relax with music, pray with music, work out with music, laugh with music, cry with music, oh and of course we dance to music! We can create custom music for your campaign videos or jingles!