What Does an SEO Agency Do?

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of the internet, where businesses of all shapes and sizes are vying for attention amidst the digital chaos. Standing out online can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack, and that’s where the superheroes of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) come to the rescue! So, buckle up and join me on this adventure as we unravel the mysteries of what an SEO agency actually does.

  • Keyword Research and Analysis:
    Picture this: SEO agents huddled around their computer screens like detectives in a crime thriller, hunting for the perfect keywords. They use fancy tools and techniques to uncover the secret language of your target audience. By figuring out what words and phrases people are searching for, they help your website show up in all the right places. It’s like deciphering the code to online success!
  • On-Page Optimization:
    Think of your website as a superhero lair, and on-page optimization as the process of sprucing it up and making it supercharged. SEO agencies dive into the nitty-gritty details, ensuring that your meta tags are on point, your headings are the talk of the town, and your website structure is as smooth as a superhero’s landing. They want to make sure that search engines love your website as much as your customers do!
  • Content Creation and Optimization:
    Content is the superhero cape that helps your website fly high in the digital skies. SEO agencies work their magic to create captivating and informative content that your audience will adore. They sprinkle in the perfect blend of keywords, incorporate links that take readers on thrilling adventures, and structure your content so it flows like a superhero’s origin story. The result? Your website becomes a magnet for organic traffic and eager fans!
  • Link Building:
    Imagine your website as a web-slinging superhero, swinging from one link to another across the vast expanse of the internet. SEO agencies become the architects of these connections, building bridges between your website and other authoritative sites. They reach out to fellow heroes in your industry, engage in guest blogging missions, and create content so enticing that websites can’t resist linking to you. It’s like assembling your very own superhero team!
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting:
    An SEO agency’s job doesn’t end with saving the day; they’re also the data nerds of the digital world. Armed with powerful analytical tools, they keep a close eye on your website’s performance metrics. They track keyword rankings, organic traffic, and user engagement as if they were monitoring a thrilling mission. And just like a superhero revealing their secret identity, they present you with reports that shine a light on the progress and success of your SEO strategy.

Now that we’ve peeled back the curtain on what an SEO agency does, it’s clear that they are the unsung heroes of the online realm. With their keyword superpowers, on-page optimization skills, content wizardry, link-building prowess, and data-driven vigilance, they help businesses soar to new heights in the digital landscape. So, consider teaming up with an SEO agency and let them be your trusty sidekick in the quest for online supremacy. Together, you’ll conquer the challenges, captivate your audience, and unleash your inner digital superhero!

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The Benefits of Using One Agency for SEO and PPC Management

Developing an Integrated Strategy for Your PPC and SEO Campaign

One of the most common questions clients digital marketers get is whether a search engine optimization (SEO) or a pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign is the more advantageous strategy for gaining visibility on a search engine. The answer? You need both for maximum impact; SEO and PPC are most advantageous when you run them together. While they are distinct strategies, SEO and PPC fall under the same umbrella of “search” because of how much they influence and support one another — and because Google and other search engines are starting to combine them to provide a better user experience.

So, in order to see the results you’ve been working toward, you need to get SEO and PPC working together — and you need the help of an experienced agency to design and implement a comprehensive strategy for optimal results. In this article, Cool Ideas Marketing breaks down the ways in which an integrated PPC and SEO campaign may benefit your marketing strategy, why you need one agency overseeing this coordinated approach, and how working with one agency is the best way to accomplish your visibility and conversion goals.

The Benefits of Running SEO and PPC Together

  1. Strong organic and paid visibility increases consumer confidence and awareness, which leads to higher conversion rates and ROI.

When a company is at the top of its organic and paid search game, it gains a strong and reputable presence on a search engine. Ranking for both paid and organic ads means that your brand is taking up at least the top half of the first results page. Visibility is invaluable in the competitive marketing realm, which is why high keyword rankings and effective PPC ads will help a company earn maximum conversions and cement its credibility.

You might think that ranking first on Google for an organic keyword means that it’s safe to give your PPC efforts a rest, but paid ads are usually the top results on a search engine results page (SERP). So, you should always aim to rank for both paid and organic content. It’s PPC and SEO together that boost your visibility and help you earn sales.

  1. You can use PPC ads to test keyword strategies before deciding on a long-term strategy for SEO.  

When you know which terms people are using to get to your website, an agency can unify your SEO and PPC campaigns with greater ease. Organic keyword testing can take a long time to start showing results, but thankfully, PPC ads yield instant keyword and conversion data. If you know the title tags, meta descriptions, and page content you want to use, you can test their effectiveness by running them in PPC ads, which will provide instantaneous data that illustrates the strength of those keywords. PPC search terms with high conversion rates will usually work when implemented on the SEO side as well.

Image result for using PPC ads to test organic keywords

Once you’ve discovered which organic terms are performing the best in your PPC ads, you can include them in your organic content strategy.

Running PPC and SEO simultaneously also gives you twice as much keyword data to use to your advantage. The more data you have to analyze, the deeper an agency can dig into the search trends of your brand and fine-tune your strategies accordingly.

  1. Running SEO and PPC together widens your audience and captures your target customer in every stage of the buying process.

SEO and PPC strategies tend to produce two different groups of leads. Those who are still researching a particular product or service usually generate more organic traffic. SEO campaigns are normally catered to long-tailed inquiries and the common topics people are researching.

On the other hand, paid ads usually attract customers who have already done their research and are returning with the intent to purchase a product. As people get closer to being ready to buy, PPC ads become more important.

To be successful, you need to attract both organic and paid leads as you guide your customers through their buying journey.

Why Use One Agency for SEO and PPC?

To Keep Marketing Goals and Messaging Aligned 

It used to be a challenge to find an agency that could handle all of a brand’s needs under one roof and provide an all-encompassing marketing strategy. Digital marketing agencies specialized in one area and stayed exclusive to that area of expertise.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Today, you can have your social media, paid ads, SEO, design, and content all done by a single digital marketing agency. By turning to an SEO and PPC agency for both strategies, you prevent conflicting messages and ensure the consistency of your brand across organic and paid results. Consequently, you’ll be able to capture more sales opportunities and bring in quality leads that convert.

With a slew of professionals working together in harmony under one roof, you won’t need to worry about two different companies coming up with conflicting goals for your campaigns. When you’re only working with one agency, it’s easier for their marketers to agree on a strategy and make decisions that align with your company goals rather than their own interests and agendas. If your marketing focus requires a shift, an agency will take care of it with your best interests in mind instead of their own, since they don’t have to worry about losing your business. So, if the majority of your campaign needs to be focused on PPC, that’s what the agency will hone in on. When SEO efforts need to be ramped up, their SEO team will seamlessly take the reins.

To Promote Better Communication Between SEO and PPC Teams

Experts in the marketing profession agree that SEO and PPC strategies are merging, which means that the teams running these campaigns need to communicate effectively and share data with one another in order to achieve the best results. Unless these teams are under the same roof, this is a difficult feat and is unlikely to be successful. A coordinated marketing effort from an SEO and PPC agency prevents you from spending money on services that compete against each other.

To Increase ROI

Keeping SEO and PPC management under the same roof has the potential to result in significant ROI, and it makes the most of your marketing budget. When teams are actively sharing insights, working collaboratively, and swiftly executing integrated SEO and PPC strategies, they will identify the ideal routes to conversion, and a revenue increase will naturally follow.

Create an Integrated Marketing Plan for SEO and PPC 

Every company needs a coordinated search strategy to succeed amid tough industry competition. If you’re in the market for a new agency or you just aren’t seeing results in your SEO and PPC campaigns, it’s time to find an agency to help you rethink your strategy and implement an effective and coordinated search effort.

Cool Ideas Marketing is home to experienced, world-class SEO and PPC teams who actively work together to bring about outstanding results for clients. Contact us today for a free consultation to discover how our teams can combine your search strategies, increase your SERP visibility, and help you make better marketing decisions.